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Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Lands On Android – But You Must Have Netflix

There are few who are immune to the charms of Shovel Knight, the Droid Gamers team included. So it’s great to see a new entry in the series has just landed for mobile gamers.

What is it?

The Shovel Knight series made its name for offering well crafted 2D action platforming, doing it all with a winning sense of humour and charming pixel art visuals and animation.

This entry in the franchise does things a little differently though. And by ‘little differently’ we mean it’s not even a 2D platformer.

Instead it’s a title based around falling block puzzles, but it’s so much more than that. There are roguelite influences in it everywhere you look – from the over world you explore to the varied battles you take part in. Just take a look at the trailer above to see how this is far from another mindless match-3 tie in cash grab. 

What’s The Catch?

Okay there is a catch. And it’s that the game has been brought to Google Play via Netflix Games. So you will need a subscription to that video service to play it on your Android device.

One consolation is that this version includes the the recently released Puzzler’s Pack DLC, which offers new playable characters, all new areas, Quandary Challenges, new relics, and run modifiers. 
If you’re lucky enough to have a subscription you can find the game for free on Google Play right here.

But if you’re not one of the lucky ones the game is also available on Switch, Steam, and PS4 for the current discounted price of $9.99.

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