Gacha RPG Sin Stone Saga Launches Pre-Registration

The featured image for our Sin Stone Saga pre-registration article, featuring the main promotional poster for the game. The poster features several characters from the game all gathered round the main character who is in the centre, raising a sword in the sky. The colour scheme for the poster is a soft red/pink.

A new gacha RPG under the title Sin Stone Saga has launched its pre-registration for Android. The developer, Langeare Studio Limited, previously released the game in limited countries. After a few months, it seems the studio is finally ready to take the game to a more global audience.

Langeare sets the game in a fantasy world known as sin stone. The story revolves around uncovering the dark truths of the world that the antagonists have tried to keep buried for a long time. The game quests you with doing this by tracking down the power of sin stone, and restoring peace to the realm once and for all.


Sin Stone Saga’s gameplay consists of side scrolling action, and the developer describes the combat as “Fast paced and unique”. It’s based around an easy-to-grow system that gives the mechanics a simplistic yet satisfying glow.

As the game is already out in a few countries, footage of early levels has previously been posted to YouTube. You can check it out for yourself to see if Sin Stone Saga is something that you would be interested in playing when it launches.

Pre-Registration Rewards

The game’s official website has revealed the different rewards that are available for those that pre-register. It seems the release campaign rewards players depending on the amount of gamers that sign up before launch. For example, at 10,000 pre-registers, you’ll be rewarded with in-game lottery tickets and exclusive items, such as 30 axes.

A maximum reward, marked as “Epic”, will give you several draws, as well as an abundance of in-game cash and coins. The checkpoint for this generous sign of gratitude from the developer is just over 300,000 pre-registers. This whopping number highlights the studio’s ambition and high hopes for the game! The website reports that 12,000 users have already signed up, achieving the first goal.

Pre-register for Sin Stone Saga now on Google Play.

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