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SinoAlice players will lose everything as gacha’s ending deletes saves


Nier Automata director Yoko Taro strikes again with the ending of gacha game SinoAlice. Just like the ending of his infamous console RPG, Taro will once again be deleting players’ save files to cement his narrative. 

SinoAlice loses everything

Revealed on the game’s official Twitter account, the final story in SinoAlice will delete your account. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent on the gacha game, completion means deleting everything. 

Entering the final arc of the game will trigger an inescapable ending for you. Upon completion of that ending, everything will be lost, and your account will no longer be usable. 

“THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!” the Twitter account warns. “After clearing the entire final arc, an ending clip will be played. Once that clip is over, you will be forced logged out. After that, you can never. log. in. ever. again. Please clear everything before you set foot. NieR fans will understand.”

The twitter announcement continued to explain that the game’s library will be closed to anyone who completes the game. This means that you will not be able to interact with any of the game’s systems. 

“Once you reach the ending, the Library will be permanently closed forever,” they said. “There will be no going back after this. Even if you want to help your friends clear the chapter, there’s no way to help directly. Everything will be gone when it’s over. Proceed with caution, and godspeed.”

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A good idea for a gacha? 

All gacha games end, and they will always take your paid items with them. Unfortunately, that’s just the way that the free-to-play market works. Yes, even CoD Mobile and Fire Emblem: Heroes will die one day. 

However, purposefully deleting accounts for the sake of story is a new one. While some may be infuriated, we thinks it’s a pretty fun idea. Granted, we didn’t spend hundreds, if not thousands, on gacha pulls in the game. 

SinoAlice gacha pulls included characters from the likes of NieR Automata and Drakengard 3, and just like the former, your save file is tribute for completion. It offers a sense of finality, and at least this way you can end your gacha journey when you want to. 

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