Skatelander, The Crossy Road of Skateboarding is Now Live in the Play Store

Skatelander is a colorful and fun game from the underDOGS Gaming Private Limited, who have recently collaborated with Spil Games, to bring this fun game to Android devices. It was released a few months ago on iOS. Now, Android gamers have the opportunity to check it out, along with the new updates that iOS will receive.

underDOGS is an indie development studio from Mumbai, India. The team is comprised of four gentlemen that have a passion for making games. They are Vaibhav Chavan, Abhishek Wankhede, Sankesh More and Amit Aware. The team released Skatelander on iOS back in April of this year. The reviews for the game have been extremely positive. Skatelander is one of many games that have been released recently with a similar visual aesthetic, that helped to make  Crossy Road so popular. Skatelander is an endless skateboarding game that is colorful, fun and has a good level of difficulty.Where else can you find a pig on a skateboard careening through town?

“Skateboarding fans, test the speed of your eyes and fingers to leap and avoid the many pitfalls of this skateboarding world. Fall down in a blink of an eye but get right back on your feet for one more go, just like in real life. Only, this skater adventure can last as long as you like, and there’s no fear of bruises or broken bones. Let the endless adventure begin!” – underDOGS/Spil Games

Skatelander Features:

  • Stunning Voxel Art
  • 60+ entertaining characters
  • Different environments based on the characters
  • Crazy Stunts and hilarious characters’ antics
  • Around 25 unique skateboards
  • Share images and videos with friends
  • Leaderboards and Achievements (20 Achievements)
  • Funny SFX

Skatelander is played in landscape mode. The areas you will skate in will be full of things to jump over and avoid. You have got to be a great skateboarder or find another city, because there is stuff everywhere. Don’t get wrapped up in all of that beautiful voxel art. If you do, you will find yourself crashing quite often. The controls are simple. You tap the left side of your screen to turn and move left, and tap the right side to do the opposite. You also have the opportunity to catch some air by tapping a jump/trick button, when it appears.

Skatelander is free to play, but not in a menacing way. Akin to Crossy Road, part of the fun of the game is playing with new characters and switching up the scenery. How do you do that you ask? You must have cash of course! Don’t worry about that though, you amass cash very quickly in this game. Since the game is quite fun to play and you want to get the best score by going the distance, you will find that racking up cash will be no problem at all, as long as you swerve and pick it up on your runs through town. If you don’t mind watching an ad or two, you can obtain coins that way as well. Surely you haven’t seen enough Game of War ads already to last your lifetime have you?

If you enjoy skateboarding or endless runner type games, Skatelander is an easy choice for a download. The game is fun, looks great on your phone without pushing your hardware, and serves up quite a bit of variety. The underDOGS have successfully created a game that is fun for your whole family to play. I have to say though, it is hard to get over a pig doing tricks on a skateboard. When I unlocked that character I thought, meh, but playing with that character made all the difference.


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