Sky Force Reloaded

Infinite Dreams Inc, developers of the great arcade shooter Sky Force, didn’t waste any time porting the sequel of Sky Force to Android named Sky Force Reloaded. Just like it’s predecessor, Sky Force Reloaded offers up a whole lot of arcade action with great graphics in the same 3D-ish style which includes environment interaction and weather.

If you read our article about Sky Force or have played the game then you already know what to expect, nothing but top notch quality. If you haven’t read or played the original Sky Force, I would highly suggest doing so. Sky Force Reloaded offers up the same high quality that the first one did with some new additions!


  • 8 New Levels with progressive difficulty
  • Play using Touch, Accelerometer, Trackball or D-Pad (onscreen)
  • Completely new graphics
  • More weapons
  • More music and sounds
  • New Enemies

Any arcade shooter fan would love to have this game added to their collection and should do so, especially if you purchased the first one. Hopefully we see more games from Infinite Dreams Inc landing onto Android in the near future. You can get your fix of fast shooting enemy killing action from the Android market right now for $3.00USD.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams Inc

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