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Skyline Edge released to support Nintendo Switch emulation on Android

Nintendo Switch emulation is in a very early, but still impressive, state on Android. At the time of writing, Skyline is the best Android Nintendo Switch emulator, but there’s now a new option: Skyline Edge.

Created by the same team, Edge is an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch emulator designed to support continued development. But what does this mean for the original app?

What is Skyline Edge?

Revealed on Ko-Fi, Edge is simply a new option for the Nintendo Switch emulator. A premium version of the free software, all this option offers is major updates two weeks before the standard release.

Edge is available for subscribers who pay $5 a month or more. Alongside the new emulator, you’re given access to exclusive Discord roles. Furthermore, if you pay $10 or more, you’re able to take part in important polls that determine the future of development.

To support the launch of the new version, Skyline Edge incudes one of the biggest performance boosts yet. The first release of Edge comes with a massive rewrite of the GPU emulator, increasing performance and adding support for Adreno drivers.

“It increases performance across the board,” the team revealed. “Titles such as Super Mario Odyssey now hit full speed in even the most intensive places and work on Adreno proprietary drivers, not just Turnip which provides a sizable performance increase in itself.”

The first release of Edge is the reason why games such as Pokémon Sword and Shield are now playable on Android. While not exactly a great experience, it’s a huge step forward for Switch games on mobile.

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Supporting the right emulator

It’s worth stating that emulation is perfectly legal as long as code isn’t stolen from the console manufacturers. Skyline is a legal emulator, and supporting the intense development of emulation software is perfectly ethical. After all, creating emulators is an incredibly hard task.

Skyline is not the only Nintendo Switch emulator on Android. In fact, Egg NS is an alternative that even runs some games better. However, that software uses stolen code from other emulators, including Skyline and Yuzu.

What do you think? Will you be supporting Skyline Edge? Do you agree with supporting emulators? Tell us in the comments below.

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