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Slot Maniac may not be the best example of a virtual world when you look at others such as SecondLife, nor as graphically beautiful, but the premise is still the same. Like your slot machines? Well now with Slot Maniac, developed by Fun Durian Entertainment, you can be a professional slit machine player. The games are limited to just slot machines though!

Slot Maniac has you create a character and from there play slot machines for a living. Since the games start, it has expanded to include multiple floors within the casino, the ability to buy a house, furnish it, buy clothing, add friends and visit their homes as well and much more. These are the sort of features you find in ‘virtual world’ games.

Aside from the multitude of slot machines available for playing, there are also other games such as the recently added video blackjack game. You earn coins daily and depending on the prizes you’ve won, the gems you have, you can earn an ‘income’ of up to 28,800 coins deposited into your account per day for you to play with. Here is the actual tip left by the developer on their site showing the math and method on how to make 28,800 coins per day:

Original default daily coin = 300

The first thing you should do is to collect all the prize to increase your daily coin to 4800(300+600+1200+2400), then you should start collecting gems from the slot machine that will increase your daily coin by 2x,3x,4x,5x,6x

So the maximum daily coin you can get is 4800 x 6 = 28800 coin per day

While not graphically awesome, this game provides a few things for those who enjoy both the virtual world type games and casino games. As far as I’ve seen there isn’t any other ‘virtual world’ type games available (not referring to Augmented Reality games, those are different) so if anything, this is a good proof of concept that it’s possible on Android phones.


  • Players must connect to the internet to play
  • Player’s data will be saved to the server
  • 300-800 free coin per day for you to play the slots at the start
  • Buy clothing for your character
  • Buy furniture to decorate your house
  • Add friends and visit their houses
  • Level up system, higher the level your character is, the more slot machines are available to be played

You can pick up Slot Maniac and get your gambling fix free on the Android market. The developer regularly updates the game with new features so you’ll always have something new to do. Definitely a solid title that you can play on and off when the need to kill time arises. Now wouldn’t it be something if we started seeing clients like SecondLife (or any virtual world) playable through your Android phone?

Developer Website: Fun Durian Entertainment

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