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[UPDATE: Sign Up for the Beta] Space Rhino Games Puts a Spin on Tower Defense with Breach TD: Coming to Android Very Soon

Space Rhino Games was created in 2013. The founders, Michael Hoyos and Alfonso Frontera, from the start, chose to create games for multiple platforms. Their first game, Breach TD was recently released on iOS. The good news is that the game will be making its way to Android very soon. Forget tower defense games as you know it. Breach TD blends tower defense and real-time strategy gaming, to make a beautiful splash in the world of mobile gaming.


World Of Dragons MMORPG coming to Android

World of Dragons is a browser based MMORPG that uses the FTP business model which is basically the same thing as Freemium. However this particular MMORPG has developed clients for mobile phones so users can play the game anywhere at anytime. It seems Android’s growth hasn’t been missed by the parent company, CorsairBrand, either as Android support is on its way.


Slot Maniac Virtual World

Slot Maniac may not be the best example of a virtual world when you look at others such as SecondLife, nor as graphically beautiful, but the premise is still the same. Like your slot machines? Well now with Slot Maniac, developed by Fun Durian Entertainment, you can be a professional slit machine player. The games are limited to just slot machines though!