SNK Playmore puts a bunch of their games on sale at half off

SNK Playmore releases older games, usually ones that were on the Neo Geo machines in bygone arcades. Today, they put several of their games on sale, for half price. They do little to change the appearance of the games, so they tend to look as they look just like they did in the arcade.

Their games also contain some perks, such as controller support and control over the aspect ratio (full screen, windowed, etc). In fighting games with extensive combos, they include the option for players to use a button to assist with the combos.

SNK Playmore Game Sale:

– Samurai Showdown II
– Metal Slug X
– Metal Slug 3
– Metal Slug 2
– Metal Slug
– The King of Fighters-A 2012
– Fatal Fury Special
– The King of Fighters ’98
– The King of Fighters ’97
– Garou: Mark of the Wolves

They do post a warning on some of their games that there are comparability issues with Android 5.0, so be sure to read through the game’s posting before purchase. And in my experience, having played a few of them, I have found them to be worth acquiring, especially if you have a hardware controller. You can check out all the games that are on sale over on SNK Playmore’s Google Play listing.

Google Play: SNK Playmore Sale

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