SNK Playmore puts Metal Slug 3 on sale for $1.99 and Blazing Star for $0.99

SNK Playmore has put their classic Neo Geo games Metal Slug 3 on sale for a mere $1.99 and Blazing Star on sale for $0.99 which is $5 off of its regular price of $6.99 for Metal Slug 3 and a couple of dollars off Blazing Star‘s regular price. For those of you who used to play these games when you owned a Neo Geo but for some reason haven’t picked either of these up yet, now is a good time to snag a copy of either game.

If you don’t have any idea what Metal Slug 3 is, this game is a side-scrolling action game where you shoot everything in sight. The entire Metal Slug series was quite popular back in the day on the Neo Geo system as well as in the arcades. This new mobile port of the game comes with controls made specifically for mobile gaming as well as a new Mission Mode which will let you choose which missions you want to play at any time. There is also the standard Arcade mode as well. Metal Slug 3 also comes with co-op multiplayer through Bluetooth as well.

Blazing Star for Android

Blazing Star is a side-scrolling space shooter from back in the Neo Geo days and featuring gameplay similar to other titles like R-Type. This game also comes with the new Missions Mode as well as the classic Arcade Mode, mobile optimized controls and multiplayer through Bluetooth. You will have six different ships to choose from, each with their own strengths and weakness as well as different weapons and charged shots.

Both Blazing Star and Metal Slug 3 are on sale for a limited time and considering SNK Playmore doesn’t usually put on sales all that often, you might want to grab either of these games now.

Google Play Link: Metal Slug 3 | Blazing Star

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