SNK Playmore releases another NeoGeo classic onto Android called Blazing Star

We have another treat for everyone today and this time it comes from SNK Playmore in the form of another classic NeoGeo game called Blazing Star. This particular game is a straight up space themed shooter, similar to R-Type in that it is a side-scrolling shooter.

Blazing Star was quite a favorite back when the NeoGeo was big. This side-scrolling shooter has you mowing down enemies as they come at you with an array of large-sized weaponry. You can either mash the living hell out of the button to rapidly fire your weapon or you can hold it down and unleash a charged attack which does extra damage.

Just like the previous ports of NeoGeo games by SNK Playmore, this isn’t just a straight port of Blazing Star. Aside from the fact the controls have been redesigned for mobile gameplay, there is an all new game mode added called Mission Mode. This game mode lets you select any stage you want to play so you can perfect your runs. There is also the classic Arcade mode which is the original game itself.

You will have six different ships to choose from, all of which have different attributes and abilities. Rounding everything out is the ability for co-op multiplayer through bluetooth and player rankings where you can compete for the highest scores.

If you are up for some more classic NeoGeo gaming then you can head over to the Google Play store and pick up Blazing Star for $2.99. It is also available through our Google Play synced catalog as well. It’ll be interesting to see what game will be next. Any guesses?

Developer Website: SNK Playmore (Japanese)

Google Play Link: Blazing Star

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