Soccer Manager Arena suits up and takes the field for open beta

Preston, England-based studio, Soccer Manager Ltd., has begun open beta testing for their latest game; Soccer Manager Arena. SMA is an easy to pick up, hard to put down arena-style soccer game featuring intuitive controls and fast-paced gameplay. When first launching the game, players will receive an initial pack of cards and be sent into a tutorial to learn basic controls. The tutorial is quite short and does a decent job of getting the player up to speed and ready to participate in multiplayer matches. SMA is heavily focused on multiplayer gaming, each arena after the training arena will be player versus player.

Finding an opponent is fast and matches are no more than three minutes in length. Players will be awarded card packs after victories containing in-game cash and player cards. Bonus card packs are awarded every four hours and for every twenty goals the player scores. Duplicate player cards award experience points used for upgrading existing cards. Each player card has up to two special abilities which can be triggered automatically as the player performs an action, skills will recharge over time during the match.

Soccer Manager Arena features include:

– Compete in real-time matches with managers from across the world.
– Develop your team by unlocking card packs.
– Learn from other Arena managers on Arena TV!
– Compete in different types of soccer Arenas.
– Create an Arena Club and help develop each other’s team.
– Play against friends.

Players will be able to create or join a club in SMA. Clubs allow for a group of players to chat, request player cards, and engage in friendly matches with one another. Finished matches can be viewed in Arena TV, which saves a full replay of their match to watch and share with friends. Soccer Manager Arena is feature-rich, polished, and sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Soccer Manager Arena is currently in open beta on Google Play. The game is free to play and contains optional IAP.

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