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Soccer Manager Arena suits up and takes the field for open beta

Preston, England-based studio, Soccer Manager Ltd., has begun open beta testing for their latest game; Soccer Manager Arena. SMA is an easy to pick up, hard to put down arena-style soccer game featuring intuitive controls and fast-paced gameplay. When first launching the game, players will receive an initial pack of cards and be sent into a tutorial to learn basic controls. The tutorial is quite short and does a decent job of getting the player up to speed and ready to participate in multiplayer matches. SMA is heavily focused on multiplayer gaming, each arena after the training arena will be player versus player.


EA reveals details about their upcoming FIFA 14 game

EA has begun revealing details about the next installment into their FIFA series of games. Officially called FIFA 14, the game has had quite the overhaul apparently in terms of its development. For starters the controls have been reworked that are better suited for playing the game on touchscreen devices. Players will now be able to just touch the screen to select players, tap to pass and defend, swipe to shoot.


Gameloft’s Real Soccer 2013 unleashed onto Google Play

Rounding off the Gameloft news today, which there seems to be plenty of, Real Soccer 2013 has been released onto the Android population. This is Gameloft’s newest addition to the Real Soccer franchise, sporting a variety of improvements over its older brethren. The biggest improvement seems to be with the new management system that let’s you build up a club from the ground floor into a world champion.