Soda Dungeon gets updated with 4 new classes new check out and more

Soda Dungeon from Armor Games has been updated with a few new features and additional goodies for players to check out. If you’re not familiar with this game, Soda Dungeon is a dungeon crawling game where you will be hiring different classes of adventurers from the ‘pub’ you run.

While the business you happen to be running in this game is a pub, you don’t sell alcohol or anything like that, but instead different types of sodas. For each type of soda you currently have on tap, you will attract a particular type of adventurer to your establishment. This could be an assassin, warrior, mage, and so on. How many adventurers you attract depends on how you’ve upgraded your pub. The better it is, the more likely you will attract the adventurers you want, and more of them.

In this update there are four new classes that have been added to Soda Dungeon: The Tavern owner, Shopkeeper, Wizard, and Gladiator. Each of these new classes also comes with their own unique legendary weapon that they can use, once you get it of course. You can now spend Mystic Caps on new Relics as well that also have new boosts for your team. These can be used at the Dimensional Shop.

Lastly, you’ll actually see how many Mystic Caps you earn at the end of each dungeon run now. Aside from this, there are a few additional bug fixes and tweaks. If you have Soda Dungeon installed, you can grab this new update off of Google Play at any time now.

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