Sony gets back into smartphone games with 10 Playstation titles coming to Android devices

Sony has decided to follow in Nintendo’s footsteps by announcing today that the company is planning to bring 10 Playstation games to Android and iOS devices. It’s a bit odd to say that Sony is following Nintendo as this isn’t Sony’s first time in the smartphone gaming scene at all. The company had the Xperia Play Android gaming phone, and also had the Playstation Mobile store where Android users could purchase games for Xperia devices, some of which were Playstation titles.

However Sony closed the Playstation Mobile platform in the Summer of last year, effectively ending their mobile gaming movement when it comes to titles for Android devices. The company turned around though in March 2016 to announce their new attempt at bringing the company back into mobile games for smartphones with ForwardWorks. This was supposed to be Sony working on bringing new full games to Android devices, many of which would take advantage of Sony’s existing IPs.

The now defunct Playstation Mobile

Now Sony has officially announced that they will be bringing 10 Playstation games to Android and iOS devices during a more quiet press event today in Tokyo, which appears to be part of ForwardWorks. While there wasn’t an over-abundance of details released about all of this, the company did mention that six of those games would be arriving in the coming fiscal year. The 10 titles were announced, most of which are lesser known titles such as rhythm game PaRappa the Rapper, or older popular games like tactical-RPG called Arc the Lad and Disgaea. So having Final Fantasy XV show up in a few months won’t be happening.

Confirmed Playstation Titles:

– Disgaea
– Arc The Lad
– PaRappa the Rapper
– Mingol
– No Heroes Allowed! DASH!
– Wild Arms
– Boku no Natsuyasumi
– Doko Demo Issho
– Yomawari
– Sora to Umi no Aida
– Hot Shots Golf

As for the games’ releases, Sony will be launching all of the upcoming Playstation titles for Android and iOS in Japan and other Asian regions first, and then bringing them to the rest of the world with a global launch. No word on whether these games will be direct ports or not. When we learn more, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: Business Insider

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