Sony Playstation games are officially on the Android Market for purchase

We knew it was going to happen, especially with the Xperia Play launch imminent. Sony has officially unleashed some Playstation One games onto the Android Market. If you saw the list of Xperia Play games that we posted yesterday, then you already have an idea as to what games are available. Either way, read on!

Current Sony Playstation game available on the Android Market are:


Sony games not on the Android Market yet:

  • Wild Arms
  • Rally Cross


Although they should be appearing anytime now. All games are currently priced at $6.38 on the Android Market which really is pretty reasonable considering they are Playstation One games. This is just the initial release of games for the Xperia Play launch, expect more in the near future. There are alternate versions of all the games if you happen to speak Spanish, Italian or German.

Thanks to uwndrd for the tip!

Developer Website: Sony Playstation

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