Sony’s Android Playstation phone confirmed Codenamed Zeus – Sony denies everything and images fake?

New photos of the rumored Sony PSP Go-like phone that is apparently under development have surfaced confirming the existence of this device. Also coming to light are a lot more of the specs this little device will be running and it is pretty impressive so far. We have been on top of this story since the rumor first broke, even having a source confirm it for us as well.

However we kept our minds open as the possibility of this being completely fake, as much as we didn’t want it to be. We even contacted Sony Ericsson who, of course, flat out denied it. All of that doesn’t matter now though as a source for Engadget has confirmed the existence of this device by providing a lot more photos and specs.

Playstation Phone Specs:

  • Android 2.3 or 3.0 depending on what you think Gingerbread will be called.
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1GB ROM
  • 3.7-4.1″ screen size
  • Shoulder buttons and multitouch pad (in the center)
  • MicroSD Card slot


While there is a MicroSD Card slot, apparently this Playstation phone won’t be coming with a slot for memory sticks, at least not at the current stage it is in regarding development. Even though it has been stated that this should be available by the end of 2010 don’t be surprised if it isn’t out in early 2011 instead.


However, NowGamer! went ahead and hassled Sony Europe via phone about the images (basically like we did but with Ericsson originally) and Sony’s response was “fake” followed by an official statement of:

“We do not comment on rumor and speculation”

A closer look at the images reveals a few signs of faking according to Sony and NowGamer! such as a lot of dirt collected around the edges of the top screen, mention of an “A” and “B” buttons on the interface (seen in the specs photo), poor alignment of the actual screen. Hardcore gamers have also torn into the photos for the same reasons as well as the fact it looks ugly which, according to a multitude of Playstation fans, isn’t Sony’s forte.

However there is a lot pointing in favor that this phone actually exists including a source telling us it does, that they have actually held it as well as Sony announcing Android being considered for future products, the Playstation job listing we found which was suddenly changed after we broke the story and more.

Whether or not you believe these new photos are real is up to you. We believe this will be one of those things that until someone in the media, hopefully myself, gets a hold of one to officially confirm it is real then the masses will believe it is fake.

Update Oct. 27, 2010 9:23am: Engadget is reporting that the phone is real to fight against the tide of ‘fakes’ being cried out. Engadget also revealed that the codename for the project is “Zeus” and that it was last seen running Android 2.x . Whether it actually ships with Android 2.x or something newer has yet to be seen.

Websites Referenced: Engadget | NowGamer!

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