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New Update About The PSP Go-like Android Phone

It is funny how these things work out sometimes. Ask a lot of questions and you end up receiving the answers eventually. Yesterday we posted about the response from Sony Ericsson about the PSP Go-like Android phone rumored to be in developed. We did think that for someone who didn’t know what we were talking about that their answer was too clean. Well it was!

Unknown to us here at DroidGamers, myself specifically, I didn’t realize we actually have a very trusted inside source who is deep in the project itself right now until they came forward and told us. Basically our source is confirming that it is being worked on and it will be coming soon. So it seems Sony Ericsson was just trying to keep things under wraps with their response to us. We did think their response was rather too nice and tidy.

Other confirmed items:

  • It will be running Android 3.0
  • Very fast hardware – I’m assuming a minimum of a 1Ghz Snapdragon
  • It will have the console buttons similar to what is seen in the mock-up
  • Large WVGA (or better resolution) screen between 3.7-4.1″
  • 5 Megapixel Camera


Pretty much everything that Engadget reported as features have been confirmed by our source. What wasn’t reported on in Engadget’s post was that there is also a front-facing camera. Perhaps it’s a different version of the PSP GO-like Android phone but this one comes with a front-facing camera.

Another thing that has been confirmed is that contrary to how the mock-up may look as it appears it would be sort of bulky, the PSP GO-like Android phone is actually fairly light. I also would not be surprised in the least if a Tegra 2 chip by nvidia was inside this device, especially since it is suppose to be sporting Playstation 1 and PSP games and match their quality.

In the end what matters is that it has been confirmed that it is being developed and worked on and it’s on our way very soon. You can check out Sony Ericsson’s response to us in our previous article. We will keep posting updates as we get more information. This may be an obvious question, considering who visits this site, but who is going to get one when it comes out?

Update August 18, 2010 8:42am: Alright so I just got word back again from Sony Ericsson. The response is to my question regarding their previous email which stated there had been no official communication about this device. I further inquired if that meant that there had been no intra-company talk about it or if it was just false rumors. Here is their response:

At this point we will continue to do some more digging to figure out whether this is true or not. As always take everything with a grain of salt but until more information is available we will just let the cards fall into place. Alright what does everyone think, false rumor or not?

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