Day: August 18, 2010


FallDown 3D

This game isn’t exactly new, in fact it has been around for a bit. It is also not the only game of this type on the market. However it does offer a completely different view point then most of this tunnel racing genre in that instead of rolling horizontally or flying through the tunnel, you are actually falling downward through the tunnel.


AGC1 – The Finals Begin

This is it, this is the last round of the first ever (but certainly not the last) Android Gaming Challenge where we will name one person as Champion, two people will walk away with a new Android device and all six remaining people will win a boat load of other goodies! All six remaining competitors have fought long and hard to get to this round!


New Update About The PSP Go-like Android Phone

It is funny how these things work out sometimes. Ask a lot of questions and you end up receiving the answers eventually. Yesterday we posted about the response from Sony Ericsson about the PSP Go-like Android phone rumored to be in developed. We did think that for someone who didn’t know what we were talking about that their answer was too clean. Well it was!

samsung vibrant overview

Samsung Vibrant Gaming Review Part 1: Overview

This is the first part in a series of articles reviewing the Samsung Vibrant in terms of gaming and overall performance. Part one is an overview of the Samsung Vibrant and a comparison to the Nexus One. If you are considering upgrading or buying a new phone and enjoy mobile gaming you will want to read this series of articles!