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Space Swap 110% is a Totally Free Open Source Match-3 Puzzler

All of the great match-three puzzlers of the last few years have the same thing in common: after a while, they pull up the difficulty drawbridge and refuse to let you get any further unless you buy lives or wait patiently for daily scraps of gameplay.

Space Swap 110% is different. This polished little puzzler from Fallen Angel Software gives you everything up front, so that the only barrier to progress is your own level of ability.

The gameplay will be familiar to anybody who has ever played a match-three puzzler – particularly one like Bejeweled Blitz. 

The action takes place on a grid of gems in various different colors. These gems are constantly shuffling upwards as new ones force their way up through the bottom of the screen. If the pile of gems reaches the top you’re toast.

To keep this from happening you need to match them in lines of three, four, or five to make them disappear. And making matches couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is swipe a gem left or right to move it in that direction, using the game’s intuitive touchscreen controls.

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There are six different game modes – No End and Story at three different difficulty levels, Child, Teen, and Adult. Story sees you completing stages, while No End sees you matching gems until such time as they overwhelm you. Naturally, the game keeps and saves a high score table for each mode.

There are tons of other options and settings to tweak as well, including game speed, starting level, and more. All of your preferences are saved for next time.

Space Swap 110% is a simple, accessible match-three puzzler, and it looks and sounds stunning. The high resolution, full color graphics are supplied by visual artist, while the digitally orchestrated soundtrack comes courtesy of DJ Fading Twilight. There are multi-channel digital sound effects too.

Best of all, it’s totally and completely free, with no IAPs. There are no obnoxious paywalls or ads to contend with – just endless simple and elegant puzzle gameplay. 

Download Space Swap 110% for free right now on Google Play. It runs on any Android phone or tablet. You can also find a HTML5 Internet version here.

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