Spearhead Entertainment’s Mana Chronicles now available on the market

Since we announced a week or so ago that Spearhead Entertainment was releasing another great looking RPG called Mana Chronicles, a lot of people have been waiting for it. Well good news, the wait is over and a day early at that! While the official release date was supposed to be tomorrow, Dec. 15th, it has been released today.

For all the gritty details about this ActionRPG, check out our original announcement regarding Mana Chronicles including video showing off some of the gameplay. However, to quickly recap some of the features for this game:

  • Special Abilities – Unleash massive attacks with your fire, ice or lightening abilities
  • Three areas – The Inferno, defend the village and the magic forest
  • Equipment – Lots of legendary items to find
  • 2 gameplay modes: Story and Mission
  • Great Zenonia-style graphics
  • Touch screen controls



You can pick up Mana Chronicles now off the Android Market for $2.20 but before you do you’ll want to double check storage on your phone. Installed the game is 30MB in size. If you like Zenonia and are waiting for Zenonia 2, this is a good game to play while you wait for Gamevil to release Zenonia 2.

Developer Website: Spearhead Entertainment

Website Referenced: Phandroid

Direct Market Link: Mana Chronicles

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