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SpellForce is coming back as a mobile exclusive SRPG

SpellForce Android

The long dormant SpellForce franchise is making a very welcome comeback this year as a mobile exclusive SRPG.

If you haven’t heard of the franchise, it’s noteworthy for combining the RPG with the RTS, back when the latter was huge.

You’d create a typical RPG character, like a warrior, mage, or archer, and explore a map defeating enemies and grabbing loot like usual.

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic is more like a fantasy Civ than classic SpellForce

Along the way, you’d get to set up bases, at which point the game turned into a typical RTS. You’d place buildings, gather resources, and recruit soldiers to your cause.

Then, you’d send the soldiers into battle against enemy bases, joining the fray yourself. It was truly unique, and we can’t wait to see how the franchise will work on mobile.

According to the press release, it won’t feature a story and will launch as a premium app on Android.

Your goal is to create your own fantasy empire across 13 different missions. The RTS elements won’t be there, with turn-based stuff like Civ taking their place.

In fact, the whole experience sounds an awful lot like fantasy Civ.

We’re not sure exactly when Spellforce – Heroes & Magic (its full title) will launch, but you can learn more by checking out the official site or a recent press release.

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