Splash Damage going mobile, developing RAD Soldiers for mobile gamers

Splash Damage is a game development company that has been around for quite some time, developing a lot of first-person shooter type of games as well as team-based titles. Having been in the traditional gaming industry for awhile now, Splash Damage seems to have turned their sights over to mobile gaming and are currently developing their first title called RAD Soldiers.

RAD Soldiers won’t be a FPS (First-person shooter) game though and instead will feature a sort of top-down isometric perspective in a turn-based strategy/action game. However, it will be a team-based action game with online multiplayer as well as offline single player gameplay modes. You and your team will join up and fight for control over London and the mysterious McGuffin Rockets that have landed there. Depending on whether you are playing online or offline, you will either be playing with and against other players or computer AI opponents.

Aside from the fact that your mercenaries are collectible, you can also customize them in various ways including swapping out different weapons, outfits and abilities. As with any good game like this, you will also earn experience points through battles which can be then used to unlock new abilities.

Currently RAD Soldiers is slated for release exclusively on iOS devices first but Splash Damage has already said that it will be coming to other mobile platforms as well which will include Android. To check out the game in action, check out the trailer above.

Website Referenced: IntoMobile

Official Website: RAD Soldiers

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