Splasheep from BOB Games Bursts into the Play Store

My first encounter with BOB Games was earlier this year, when I posted a story about their upcoming game, Run Postman Run. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game on Android. No word yet on when that will be released, but surprisingly, I came across a video of Splasheep not too long ago. Only to find out that it would be appearing in the Play Store the next day. Splasheep looks just as fun as Run Postman Run will certainly be, and you can play it now on your mobile device.

BOB Games is an independent game development studio that is based in Armenia, Columbia. Based on what I have seen thus far, they craft intriguing worlds that burst with creativity and unusual design and color. Splasheep falls into those categories. You will take sheep on a soaring journey, to help them bring color back to their world.

“Color has disappeared from all the world! There’s only one thing that can be done in this sheep game: throwing colored angry sheep to buildings to paint them. Color has disappeared mysteriously. The world is devoid of all emotion and now is lost in chaos. The only hope is to restore all color.” – BOB Games

You begin each level with a funny looking contraption in front of you. At a distance, are buildings that have balloons tied to them. Whatever is the color of the balloon, is the color you need to choose on the the machine. Once you have selected the proper color, you then prepare in an Angry Birds like fashion, to launch your humble sheep into the building. Successfully making contact with the building, washes it in the paint color you selected. You are awarded three stars if you complete the goals (painting the different buildings on each level). This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds because you have to create the proper color in some instances. Here is a test for you. Red and Blue = ? That’s an easy one. You get the idea here. A little knowledge of color theory will go a long way here, and that is part of the strategy in the game. It also makes it quite fun, while you are tossing the cute sheep across the landscape.

Splasheep Features:

  • Your goal is to paint the buildings the color they used to be. 
  • Mix primary colors to get other colors, so you have to throw a yellow sheep to a red building to get orange.
  • Four types of sheep available (Just-a-sheep, Bouncy sheep, Color copy sheep and Thief sheep).
  • Utilize your slingshot to aim at buildings

From what we have played so far, Splasheep is enjoyable. Yes, the game mechanics are similar to Rovio’s Angry Birds, but that isn’t a bad thing. The game is free to play and does include optional in-app purchases. There are sixty levels to complete. The game can be linked to your Facebook account to keep track of your progress. There currently doesn’t seem to be any integration with Google game Play Services. Hopefully that will be added later, along with achievements and leaderboards for those that prefer to keep their FaceBook separate, or for those that are non-users of that particular social media.

Splasheep is definitely entertaining. If you want to install a copy of the game, you can hit the link at the end of this article. It is time to save the world and bring the color back to it. Are you up to the challenge.


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