Sprinkle Junior from Mediocre splashes onto Android for your kids (and us adults too)

Barely 72 hours after getting wind of a new version of the hit physics-based puzzle game Sprinkle but themed for kids, called Sprinkle Junior, it has arrived on the Android Market for all to enjoy. Let’s face it, it looks fun for us adults too.

This new version of Sprinkle is geared more towards children and being more child friendly than the original version which was more geared towards adults. The game play mechanics are the same, using the fire hose by adjusting the angle and height of it and begin spraying water to put out the spreading fires before they burn your friends huts. You’ll have to get creative in later levels by using objects in the environment to get the water to certain locations.

Sprinkle Junior features:

  • Incredibly realistic and fascinating water physics
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • 22 unique and creative levels
  • Blocks, boulders and contraptions (and giant hamburgers)



Sprinkle is a great physics-based water puzzle game and the junior version looks like it will definitely appeal to not only the younger players of the game but also more adult fans of the game as well. One thing the developers wanted to point out is that this version is completely free of in-app purchase. This was done to make it completely safe for the youngest player to play without accidentally buying addition stuff in the game. You can download Sprinkle Junior off the Android Market for $1.99 and is available for all devices with Android 2.3+.

Developer Website: Mediocre

Android Market Link: Sprinkle Junior

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