Spunge Games releases Faily Brakes for Android

Spunge Games, creators of the colorful and enjoyable Cartoon Survivor, have recently released their latest game for Android. Have you ever been driving and found out that your brakes don’t work? Phil Faily knows exactly how that feels. As the main character in this hilarious driving game, you can see the fear etched on his face, the moment he finds out he is in trouble.

Phil appeared to be driving along without a care in the world, until his totally dated looking shoes, pressed down on the brakes to no avail. He narrowly avoids a train, and goes crashing down the mountain. Your task is to keep Phil from crashing into rocks, trees, cars and any other obstacles that could cross his path.

The game’s controls are simple. In simple tapping motions you control whatever vehicle Phil is driving. Tapping left moves his vehicle left and right, just the same. The controls can be a little floaty, so you will have to adjust to that while you are driving. The game can be difficult, as the hill/mountain he is crashing down, is loaded with obstacles to avoid. There are also ramps, overpasses and coins sprinkled in the landscape here and there.

Faily Brakes is a free-to-play game. You don’t have to worry about pay walls in this game. As I mentioned previously, there are coins you can collect as you drive down the mountain. There are not a lot of coins everywhere though. It would change the nature of the game. You do however get a free gift every few hours, which allows you to collect a new car. The array of cars in the game is very impressive and some of the designs are quite nice. I didn’t really feel a difference in controlling the vehicles, so the changes are appear to be cosmetic only. The only items in the in-game store are the cars. They vary in price from just over a dollar to two dollars and some change. In addition, if you purchase one of the cars, it will turn off the ads for the remainder of your game play. This is not a bad option, since you can do this for just over a dollar.

The game can be difficult to play because of the obstacles that are everywhere. However, this game has that one more run type of game play. You want to see how far you can drive, but that isn’t the only part about it. Your score is based upon how far you drive your vehicle. Yet, once you do crash, Phil goes flying, and that is added to your score. There are some really bone-crunching physics that are shown off as his arms and legs are flailing in the air. It reminds me of Turbo Dismount in some ways, without all of the details of showing you what is broken or severed.

Faily Brakes Features:

  • Navigate downhill as far as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way
  • Avoid trees, rocks, creeks, traffic and trains
  • Destroy obstacles with your shield
  • Unlock unique vehicles
  • Share your epic crashes in 360 degree slow-motion and share with your friends
  • Endless game play
  • Endless crashes
  • Endless fun

Part of the fun in the game is watching Phil go flying through the air. if you enjoy watching that, you can share his fear and flight with your friends. The game allows you to take a photo of Phil mid-flight. I am always impressed by these added little details of a game. You can completely rotate the camera to get the exact image that you want. You can save it to your device or share it with others through different apps on your device.

Faily Brakes is integrated with Google Game Play services with 18 achievements to unlock, as well as leaderboards to see how your driving skills measure up to your friends. Faily Brakes is a fun game to play and it looks great too. There are quite a few cars to unlock and it would be nice to see additional characters as well. You can’t go wrong downloading Faily Brakes. Spunge Games continues to make wonderfully playable games in diverse environments. 

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