Square Enix releases new images of upcoming RPG. It will also be called Imaginary Range.

Square Enix, after teasing us with a big graphic of an untitled upcoming RPG slated for Android and iOS devices last week, have decided to lift the cover of secrecy with some images and what the game will actually be called. Imaginary Range will be the name of this upcoming RPG that features comic-style dialog and other nifty features.

Unfortunately, information is still limited at this time but from what we can gather from the images as well as what has been released information-wise, Imaginary Range will be a comic-style RPG but will also include 10 mini games as well. We can also tell it has nothing to do with Final Fantasy, although we hope they will eventually bring over some of those FF iOS titles to Android.


There are two main characters in this RPG. One going by the name of Sid and his partner, Sierra. The whole game will be almost like reading a comic on your Android device while dealing with combat situations and the mini-games throughout the comic. It is a bit of a different twist to your standard RPG format. It also appears that you’ll be able to read the comic separately if you want to judging from the images released. Granted we are just figuring this out through the images released and the format could be different. It could be just a comic with mini-games. Either way it looks pretty interesting.

We also know that the Android version will not be out until at least the end of May.

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Developer Website: Square Enix

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