Square Enix releases a trailer for Final Fantasy IV, teases Final Fantasy V and more

Square Enix seems to be on a roll this week when it comes to their mobile games, first with a massive sale on almost all of their games on Google Play, and now we have a new trailer for their upcoming Final Fantasy IV game which iOS gamers are getting today apparently while us Android gamers have to wait a little longer. While it is exciting to see the trailer for Final Fantasy IV, the real exciting news is at the end of it where Square Enix teases that Final Fantasy V is on the way as well as other games as well.

We can only guess what the ‘more’ is at the end such as more Final Fantasy titles and other games from their catalog. Of course this is going off of past releases and the pattern of Square Enix porting over existing titles to Android and iOS. As for Final Fantasy IV, this is a port from their DS version of the game, just like some of their past releases, so we can assume there will be future DS ports to Android as well.

Final Fantasy IV for Android is slated for release sometime in early 2013. If it follows the same pricing as the iOS version, you can expect to pay around $16 for it.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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