Square Enix’s Final Fantasy V coming to Android devices soon? Looks like it.

Interesting news coming from a Japanese Final Fantasy fan site called Final Fantasy Reunion in regards to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy V game that was teased not too long ago as heading our way in the Final Fantasy IV trailer the company released. While the translation of the fan site is a bit rough, it points out a few interesting details you might want to think about.

According to Final Fantasy Reunion, the iOS version of Final Fantasy V is slated for release in Japan next week on March 28th. Unfortunately, due to the rough translation it sounds like the Android version will also be arriving at that time. While we would love for this to be true, we have to remain a bit skeptical for right now as we are all still waiting for Final Fantasy IV to arrive.

That doesn’t mean Final Fantasy V won’t get released for both Android and iOS users in Japan on March 28th though. We had Final Fantasy III before we had the first two games in the series so Square Enix has no problems with releasing games while not following the numbering of them. The fan site does mention something about ‘later this Summer’ which, if we apply the worse case scenario to this, would mean that the Android version would be arriving in Japan at least sometime this Summer.

Leaked scan from a Japanese magazine announcing Final Fantasy V for iOS and Android details

This makes a bit more sense anyways as we don’t have Final Fantasy IV yet, not even in Japan from what we can see on the Square Enix Android store in Japan. However, if Final Fantasy V is slated for release this Summer on Android, even if it is just in Japan at first, then that would mean we should see Final Fantasy IV arriving at some point between now and then.

Of course we could wake up tomorrow morning and see either game suddenly on Google Play, not that we would complain of course. The fan site has Final Fantasy V priced at 1,800 yen, which is about $19.00 in US dollars using a straight currency exchange. I’m sure this price surprises no one at all if true. Our guess is that we will see Final Fantasy IV arrive in April or May of this year and Final Fantasy V arriving late Summer, somewhere in July or August.

Anyone else want to venture a guess?

Websites Referenced: FF-Reunion via Slide To Play

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