Square Enix unleashes Imaginary Range onto Android. Comic-RPG fun ensues.

True to the style of Square Enix that we have come to know and get used to, they have quietly released their RPG title that they have been hinting at over the past couple of months. Imaginary Range is a blend of comic and action-RPG genres to create a pretty interesting game.

You will be reading through a comic book at throughout the course of your reading you will be treated to story cut scenes. Not only that though, you will also be playing various game segments as you proceed with the story which really brings the idea of ‘interactive comic book’ to a new level.


  • Great anime-style comic
  • Puzzle and RPG gaming
  • Great graphics during gameplay as well
  • Full in-game manual for controls



All the controls are touch screen of course and using flick movements you can turn pages back and forth. When you jump into game mode, your controls change to more appropriate ones. The mini-games are more standard puzzle/action games and if it wasn’t for the actual storyline, this game would end up being classified as something other than an RPG. Square Enix plans to keep the story going with updates in the future that will include more content both for the comic book and more mini-games.

You can pick up Imaginary Range for free off the Android Market right now. It is a nice deviation from the usual type of games out there and worth a shot.

Developer Website: Square Enix

Website Referenced: AndroidSpin

Android Market Link: Imaginary Range

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