Star Legends gets a big update, here are the details

With Star Legends about half way through it’s limited beta that is currently under way, lots of fixes and updates have been rolling out at a steady pace. A new update has just hit Star Legends though that brings plenty of fixes, changes and improvements to the game.

Here is the full changelog for this update:

  • Stash terminals should no longer broadcast to all players that a single player could not access the stash
  • Implants sold for Platinum are no longer tradable
  • Flames of Insanity no longer stuns 100% of the time. The ability has a chance to stun based on its rank. The higher the rank the higher the chance to stun.
  • Text in the main game intro cinematic has been shortened and now remains on screen for a longer period of time.
  • Captain Red Beard McGrieg has a new body.
  • Guildmaster Lennox will now take players back to the Blackstar while previewing Guild Halls.
  • Stash has been added to Tier 2 and 3 Guild Halls.
  • The timer between completing a dungeon and when the ‘go to the next dungeon’ pop-up occurs has been reduced.
  • Fixed a typo found in Doctor McCreary’s log in the Dynastar Welcome Center
  • Tapping on Capt. Regis Hart should be a lot easier now.
  • Shipment Manifests should be easier to click on for the Cycorp Quest “Contents Under Pressure”
  • Players should now get credit when killing the Vular Ticker for the Bounty Quest “Ticky Business”.
  • Lowered door frame to prevent camera blocking
  • Removed some propping from dynastar boss encounters
  • Fixed cosmetic error players were seeing at the start of Dynastar Labs Security Wing.
  • SL elixir buff is now enhancer buff on avatar page
  • Kinetic crafting icons are displaying correctly now. Options screen now has a chase camera option. Store is cleaner & has correct icons. Enhancer buffs have been added to the Avatar page.
  • The number of quests completed as well as the total number of quests available to the player in the UI is now correct.
  • XP required at level 21 should now state 0/1 in the avatar screen
  • Delta-7: The indefinitely spawning Headsquids in the boss fights will no longer grant experience
  • Fixed a crash in the McGrieg boss encounter.


As you can see it was pretty big and contains a lot of changes and improvements to Star Legends. So if you were wondering what the update that just happened contained, this is it! For those of you who are not in the limited beta, you don’t have to wait long as the full public release of Star legends could be happening as early as July 20th when the limited beta ends.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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