[Updated] Star Legends MMORPG appearing on VCast Apps for the limited beta already?

It was only a few days ago we reported on the upcoming limited beta that will be held by Spacetime Studios over their new MMORPG for Android (and iOS) called Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Well it seems it is already appearing in VCast Apps for Verizon customers.

Codenamed ‘Blackstar’ for the last few months, Star Legends is actually a game originally going to be for PC, distributed through NCSoft. It eventually never made it to light, not because of quality or anything like that, but simply because NCSoft’s vision and direction changed. The game itself has actually been in development for over 6 years. Every since it was announced that it would be coming to mobile, a lot of people have been waiting to get their hands on it.

If you are unfamiliar with Star Legends, it is Spacetime Studios new mobile MMORPG with a futuristic/space theme to it. It has a huge universe already which will be constantly expanded upon as well. You will have three classes to choose from, each having their own version depending on if you are male of female as well. It will come with all the goodies that you would normally find in a great MMORPG such as quests, tons of gear, skills and abilities to learn/upgrade and more.

There will be no beta access for iOS devices since Apple’s App Store does not support limited releases so this is exclusive to Android. So what if you are not a Verizon customer and want in on the beta? Well you will have to be one of the lucky people to get a beta key. For all other Android users, you will have a chance to be apart of the limited beta as well by getting a hold of a beta key.

Beta Keys will be given away on a variety of gaming sites, but that hasn’t started yet. I wouldn’t go too far though as you can bet we will do our best to give out as many keys as possible! For you Verizon VCast Apps users, check it out and see if it is available for you! Xperia Play owners, Star Legends will be compatible with Xperia Play controls right out of the box.

Thanks to Doug Jenkins for the tip!

Update June 29th, 2011 8:00am: It seems as though it is a false alarm. We just got word from our friends over at Spacetime Studios that this is actually a version of Star Legends that no one can play. It is visible on VCast Apps due to a publishing snafu during the publishing procedure and is actually an old version of the game. The beta won’t be going live until possibly next week but we will definitely let you know when it really goes live. We are all excited for this game as much as you are. Also yes, we will be giving away beta keys!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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