Start and grow the business of your choice in Business Superstar, coming to Android next month

To be released by Rapid Turtle Games, Business Superstar is an upcoming sim game for Android. Players can choose to assume the role of either a businesswoman or a businessman, and decide what business they’ll run (and hopefully not run into the ground). Choices range from managing a gym, casino, hotel, jewelry store, insurance company, to space tourism, app development, or something else altogether.

Players can bring other NOCs on board with Business Superstar, including up to 100 assistants and 60 investors that can be utilized. Players will also need to manage the variety of crises that will crop up from time to time. These can include anything from strikes and protests to corruption or burglary, accounting irregularities, inspections, competition, and even a Wall Street disaster. To keep up with all of these, players will have forty different business skills they can learn which will go towards helping you deal with any particular problem that make happen.

Business Superstar Features:

– Play as a businessman or as a businesswoman
– Hire 100 assistants and 61 investors to send profits sky-high
– Learn 40 business skills
– Complete 200 challenges
– Expand business on all continents
– Earn experience points and unlock 30 ranks
– Manage strikes, burglary, accounting irregularities, and much more
– Visit the kitchen to feed your avatar to keep high productivity
– Play with the office cat to kill time and earn some kitty rewards
– No complicated stuff, manage everything with a single tap

If you’re a fan of sim games, then you might want to keep an eye out for this one. Business Superstar is slated for release onto Android devices on November 5th. We will, of course, post an update once this game does arrive on Google Play or if any additional information is released.

Developer Website: Rapid Turtle Games

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