Stickman Hook is an addictive casual game that turns a stickman into a bouncing ball

It’s surprising what you can make with a tiny handful of ingredients. Stickman Hook is a masterclass in minimal design, taking a few elements and spinning them into an utterly addictive and character-filled casual game.

The gist of every stage is this: you have to get from the start point at the left of the stage to the finish line to the right. Between those two points are walls, bounce pads, and nodes. You swing from these nodes by touching the screen to attach yourself to the closest one.

That’s it. The challenge is in the ingenious design of the stages. Some are open while others contain tunnels and awkward walls, forcing you to time your leaps perfectly and gather just the right amount of momentum before letting go.

Here’s the hook

The trick is to know when to swing and when to roll. Often the bounce pads alone will be enough to propel you over the line, while swinging from nodes can be a risky business – it’s all too easy to let go at the wrong time and hurtle to your death, snuff out your much needed momentum, or send yourself flying in the wrong direction. You can challenge yourself right now and play Stickman Hook on Poki.

A lot of the time it’s best to just watch your intrepid little stickman bounce around like a rubber ball before he crosses the finish line in moment of triumphant slow motion.

Check out Stickman Hook

There are two game modes. Classic sees you working your way through a seemingly endless parade of stages, while Challenge presents you with a sequence of 30 tests of patience and precision.

On top of completing the stages you can also unlock numerous weird and wonderful skins by reaching certain Classic levels, conquering Challenge stages, or simply watching videos. Unlock them all and you’ll have access to unicorns, sunflowers, robots, and much more.

So check out Stickman Hook on Poki right now.

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