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Street Fighter: Duel Pre-Registration Offers Awesome Freebies

feature image for our street fighter: duel pre-registration news piece, the image features promo art of street fighter characters called chun li and cammy

The Street Fighter: Duel pre-registration is now available! Sign up now to get free pre-registration rewards as soon as the game launches in February.

As of right now, there isn’t a release date that’s set in stone, but the developers promise that the global release is in February 2023. The game has been keeping Street Fighter fans on their toes for around 2 years now, so it’s a welcome relief to see the game making some progress!

How do I Pre-Register?

If you want to pre-register, we recommend doing it via the game’s official website. However, you can also access the pre-registration through Google Play. Scroll down until you see the “Pre-Register Successful Rewards Await” headline and tap on the red “Pre-Register” button!

What are the Street Fighter: Duel Pre-Registration Rewards?

At this current time, the total amount of pre-registrations is already past tier 1. From the looks of it, there are 5 tiers in general, meaning extra rewards! Here are the rewards from each tier:

  • Tier 1 (50k): 3k Cash, 20 Gems, 60 B Grade Fragments
  • Tier 2 (100k): 5k Cash, 50 Gems, 20 A Grade Fragments
  • Tier 3 (500k): 7k Cash, 80 Gems, 3 Arcade Coins
  • Tier 4 (800k): 9k Cash, 80 Gems, Big Fighter EXP
  • Tier 5 (1M): 10k Cash, 300 Gems, 5 Arcade Coins

By taking part in the pre-registration period, you can obtain free in-game cash, gems, a character box, and a special avatar frame – by simply signing up! Make sure you pre-register as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on these fantastic freebies. 

What is Street Fighter: Duel?

Street Fighter: Duel is the first mobile RPG in the franchise, making it a highly anticipated game. Collect a range of characters and upgrade them in a typical RPG style. Immerse yourself in a brand-new storyline, and play alongside your friends as you battle it out! 

There are also a ton of accessories and moves to upgrade, meaning you can alter the game to your personal liking when it comes to playstyle. If you’d like to learn more about Street Fighter: Duel, take a look at the game’s official Twitter page, or join the Discord server!

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