Strider cuts its way onto the Nvidia GRID today. LEGO Movie the Videogame & Dirt 3 coming soon.

Yesterday we wrote about the two newest games (Devil May Cry 4 and Risen 2: Dark Waters) for Nvidia’s GRID gaming-on-demand service for the Shield Portable and the Shield Tablet. Every Tuesday we cover what’s new with Nvidia GRID and today we have a new game that has just landed on GRID as well as two additional titles that will be coming soon.

Today’s new GRID game is Strider. For those of you not familiar with this franchise, Strider has been around for a very long time, with the first game being released back in 1989. Hell I remember playing Strider on the NES and it was, at one point, one of my favorite games. Since the original game’s release, there have been numerous installments into the Strider franchise. Today’s release onto the Nvidia GRID is one of the newer releases.

Strider is all about bouncing off walls as a ninja, cutting enemies along the way and figuring out where to go and who to kill in the process. It is definitely a fun action-arcade game to play, especially if you like ninjas. Strider is now available in full on Nvidia GRID. To access it, just go into the Shield Hub on your Shield device of choice, tap GRID games, and you should see it there at the top since it is the newest release.

Nvidia has also announced two additional games that will be making an appearance on GRID in the near future. One is a LEGO game called LEGO Movie the videogame and Dirt 3 which is a rally racing game. No word on when these two will become available, whether it be today or over the next couple of Tuesdays. Since they are not showing up right now, we will go with the latter option.

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