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Summer Catchers, the Upcoming Road Trip Adventure by Noodlecake, is Available to Pre-register on Android

Noodlecake’s upcoming road trip adventure Summer Catchers is finally available to pre-register on Android ahead of its scheduled release date of February 19.

It’s a visually stunning side-scrolling adventure in which you ride around a wide variety of biomes, performing a bunch of different stunts to overcome obstacles.

Summer Catchers Features Stunning Pixel Visuals

These obstacles include totem poles to smash through, spikey traps to leap over, and icy spikes to rush past before they fall.

Then there are the boss battles. These feature some absolutely enormous monsters to defeat that will require the use of all of your abilities.

So head on over to Google Play right now and pre-register for Summer Catchers, which will launch on February 19.

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