Super KO Boxing! 2

Glu Mobile, who has produced some really great games for Android since it’s beginning, has released Super KO Boxing! 2 onto the Android market. This game features some great graphics, signature moves, and different gameplay modes and comes in two flavors: Paid or Free. The Free version, however, is actually the full game just ad supported!


  • 12 Outrageous Opponents
  • Signature Moves – Dizzy opponents, throw powerful hooks, unleash flaming super punch combos, and land one-two lightning KO’s. To go the distance, you will need to watch out for opponents’ weaknesses and avoid their signature moves.
  • 3 Different Modes – Endurance, Circuit and Challenge.
  • Free Updates – These will include addition opponents and game modes (online play perhaps?)
  • Great Graphics
  • On-Screen D-Pad and Buttons

This is a big game in size, 86MB, which will be downloaded on your first run of the game onto either your SD Card or internal memory. I’m sure the majority of people will end up choosing the SD Card option. You’ll have to be patient when downloading since it’s such a big game but well worth it. Should you want to buy the paid version to either support Glu Mobile or just to get rid of the ads, it’ll cost you only $4.99 from the Android market.

We will also be posting some Tips and Tricks for Super KO Boxing! 2 in our guides section should you need a little extra boost! Perhaps we will see Glyder land on Android soon too!

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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