Super Mario Kart Tour to Feature SNES-Era Mario and Donkey Kong Jr

The next Mario Kart Tour will be called the Super Mario Kart Tour, and it looks like a crowd-pleaser.

The new tour, which is set to launch on September 8th, features SNES-era renditions of Mario and Donkey Kong Jr, in all their blocky 16bit glory. You can see them in the promo art above, beaming out from a wobbly Rainbow Road.

The news was announced during yesterday’s Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary Direct. That’s right: Super Mario Bros is 35, making the game considerably older than the portly plumber himself (he’s 24-25, trivia fans).

The new tour will be along in less than a week. In the meantime you can still enjoy the final moments of the Summer Festival Tour. Just download Mario Kart Tour for free right now on Google Play.

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