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Supercell gives in, Clash of Clans coming to Android, currently in limited beta

Supercell, the developers of the extremely popular strategy game called Clash of Clans, has decided to rethink their position on bringing the game to Android. Back in November of last year Supercell made headlines through the Android gaming community when they announced that there would not be an Android port of Clash of Clans. This was basically because the costs outweighed the possible profit that the company would make, at least at that time.

Fast forward almost a year later and Supercell has announced that Clash of Clans is coming to Android after all and, in fact, the game is already out now as a limited released beta for testing purposes. This announcement came during a fan meeting the company held last night. Don’t think that it is coming now because everyone bitched for almost a year about the game not coming to Android. What you can thank is the Asian gaming market on Android where Android is much bigger than iOS in terms of devices.

Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen said that the Android version was born out of a desire to hit the Asian market with the already highly popular game. Now the real question is this, with all the people who have wanted this game so badly to come to Android but have been denied it for so long, is this release going to change your minds and will you pick the freemium game up when it launched?

Like we said in our original post, feel free to rage or praise in the comments below. As for how to get into the beta, or who has access to it right now, we don’t know that just yet. When we find out we will post an update as well as when we can expect the game’s full launch to happen.

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