Supercell’s First Animated Short Has Been Viewed Nearly 30 Million Times in 3 Days: Watch It Here

Supercell has decided to branch out of mobile games with an animated short. It’s called Lost & Crowned, and it’s been viewed nearly 30 million times in the three days since it went live.

Lost & Crowned stars a hardworking skeleton guard called Peter and his dangerously curious brother Larry, who are tasked with guarding the Red King’s crown. Needless to say, it all goes horribly wrong for the gravely malnourished siblings.

The film is entirely devoid of dialogue, making it instantly accessible to every possibly audience demographic, and while it won’t be a major source of concern for Pixar or Dreamworks, it’s a highly serviceable effort. We’ve seen much worse.

The Clash games, meanwhile, need no introduction. They’ve been downloaded more than 3 billion times, according to the press release accompanying this video, and they’re a fixture at the top of the charts internationally.

In addition, Supercell has announced a book, called The Art of Supercell: 10th Anniversary Edition, due out next spring.

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