Take to the skies in Take Off – The Flight Simulator, coming next year

Take Off – The Flight Simulator is an upcoming flight sim slated to be released by Astragon Entertainment. Take off is set to feature more than a dozen different types of aircraft that will range from the larger passenger aircraft, down to smaller ones as well. The game will also be set in a variety of higher profile airports from around the globe, including Frankfurt, Tokyo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Seoul, L.A., New York City, London, Paris, and Sidney.

Your career as a virtual pilot will begin in the Hawaiian Islands, where the islands can be explored in a free flyling mode, while the player racks up the time in the air, and mastery of the requisite qualifications. As players progress in time and skill, more destinations and missions become available, such as rescue operations or emergency landings. Setting up your own airport is even an option. Planes can also be upgraded to both fly faster, as well as consume less fuel in the process. Lastly, virtual controls are optional, as players can also use the accelerometer of their handset to fly their aircraft.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator Features:

– Fly realistic airplanes with detailed cockpits
– Visit 18 international airports: New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and more
– Explore the Hawaiian islands in an open world scenario
– Build up your own airline and buy new planes
– Challenging missions: rescue missions, transport missions, sightseeing missions, emergency landings
– Customize your airplanes with upgrades and skins
– Unlock new airplanes and missions by achieving higher pilot licences

The actual development is being done by Jujubee, makers of the Flashout franchise. Take Off – The Flight Simulator is set to be released sometime in April of 2016, although there is no specific release date announced right now. Unfortunately the same goes for pricing information. We will post an update once we find those details out. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s trailer below as well as additional screenshots.

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