Team 17 sale discounts Worms, The Escapists and more to less than $1

Worms 3 Android

Worms developer Team 17 is currently having a blowout mobile sale. As the publishers of some of mobile‘s best, this is a great chance to pick up some fantastic mobile games. 

Team 17 Android Sale

Over on the Google Play Store, Team 17 is having one of the best sales ever. In a surprise sale, the publisher’s fantastic mobile catalogue is available all for under $1. 

Looking at the sale, not a single game is priced more than this amount. This includes games like The Escapists, a beloved game on mobile, as well as the Worms series. 

In the sale, The Escapists is the most expensive of all the titles, as well as its sequel. In the sale, these two games are available for just $0.99. Usually, The Escapists sells for $6.49 whereas the sequel sells for $6.99. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to grab Worms 2: Armageddon, Worms 3 and Worms 4 for $0.99 each alongside Sheltered. For the cheapest titles, both Flockers and Penarium. 

It’s a small sale, but one filled with quality games. While the Worms mobile ports are pretty rough around the edges, the mobile ports of The Escapists are absolutely worth the money. We also highly recommend Flockers. 

A picture of the Team 17 sale

More expensive in the UK

Despite being a British studio, the Team 17 sale is more expensive in the United Kingdom. Not only is every game more expensive than a dollar via conversion, but most games are over £1. 

In the British version of the sale, all Worms games and Sheltered are £0.99. However, The Escapists and its sequel are £1.19. Furthermore, Flockers and Penarium are £0.59. 

While it is more expensive to buy the games in Britain, we still highly recommend them. Especially The Escapists, that’s some god mobile gaming right there. What will you be getting?

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