Team Fortress 2 mobile port is the multiplayer treat we’ve always wanted

Valve games on Android have always been beautiful. From the Nvidia Shield to fan ports, Valve mobile conversions are always amazing to see. In a new video, one fan has revealed the next portable Valve game: Team Fortress 2 mobile. 

Is Team Fortress 2 mobile real? 

Revealed in a video on Reddit, an upcoming Team Fortress 2 mobile port is in development for Android. Developed by Itzvladik, the mobile conversion is currently in active development with no current release date. 

In the video, you can see classic TF2 gameplay on the game’s original iconic map. With completely functioning touch controls, you can play the game exactly as it was on PC. And we do mean was. 

You see, instead of being based on a current version of the game, Team Fortress 2 mobile is based on the 2008 version. That’s right, it’s essentially TF2 Classic. No hats in sight! 

While the game does have touch controls, it’s not clear if there will be other methods of control available. For example, controller support isn’t confirmed. Personally, we’d like to see some gyro-aiming included if that’s possible for the developer. 

It has multiplayer 

In the teaser video, you only see footage of the player moving in an empty lobby. However, the game is not just a lonesome walk through TF2. In fact, it’s got full multiplayer support to play with your pals. 

In its beta form, you’ll need to use a connector program called zerotier. However, when Team Fortress 2 actually releases it will allow you to connect to a server to play online. 

We wish that Valve themselves would support mobile more often. On the other hand, fan ports like this are always a very exciting part of games journalism. We appreciate the hard work, and we can’t wait to play the new port.

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