Terraria on Mobile is Getting New Modes, Boss Battles, and More in Journey’s End 1.4 Update

Terraria, the popular 2D Minecraft-alike, will shortly be updated to version 1.4, not long after the update went live on PC.

Journey’s End, as the 1.4 update is otherwise known, makes some fairly radical changes to Terraria’s gameplay, adding new Journey (easy) and Master (difficult) modes, new music, boss battles, biome backdrops, Quality of Life improvements, and much more.

Terraria is getting more than a thousand new items – a major influx given that the current total is around four thousand. Its developers have conducted a full-pass review, too, tweaking it for balance, graphical quality, and mechanics.

Journey’s End even includes golf, so you’ll be able to knock a little ball around your world.

The update is due to arrive on October the 20th. That’s tomorrow, at the time of writing.

In the meantime, you can download Terraria for $4.99 right now on the Google Play Store.

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