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Terraria Developer Cancels Stadia Version During Twitter Meltdown

Andrew Spinks, the creator of hugely popular 2D sandbox game Terraria, has announced the cancellation of the forthcoming Stadia version during an extended rant on Twitter.

Earier today Spinks called out Google for disabling his Google account three weeks ago for reasons unknown. Despite alerting Google to the issue on the 27th of January, his studio Re-Logic has been unable to obtain a satisfactory response.

Complaining – understandably – that he has lost access to thousands of dollars worth of apps, at least one 4K movie, his Google Drive data, his YouTube channel, and his 15 year old Gmail account, Spinks resorted to extreme measures to get his point across.

Following the logic of this statement, it seems that the highly successful Android version of Terraria is in danger of being pulled as well. Several users on Twitter have asked whether every Android-adjacent Terraria version is for the chop, but so far Spinks hasn’t addressed these questions.

For now at least, you can download Terraria for $4.99 on the Google Play Store. And it doesn’t look like you’ll ever be able to download it on Stadia.

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