Gameloft’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game gets a new trailer

Following up on game trailers is Gameloft announcing the release of a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man game that will be heading to Android soon. Slated for release around the same time that the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie is to hit theaters, we do get to see some of the gameplay that will come in this game.

So far this game looks pretty impressive in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics. It also appears to be more of an open-world type of game although there will be missions to complete of course. You will be exploring the city, protecting the city’s citizens, developing your skills and discovering new powers, and of course defeating super-villains.

While the above trailer is mostly the back story for how Spider-Man came about, near the end we get a taste of how the game plays. Both the Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises look to be pretty impressive. You’ll be able to nab a copy of the Amazing Spider-Man on June 28th.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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