The awesomely challenging Rymdkapsel RTS title is finally available on Google Play

Originally released for a short exclusive duration on Playstation Mobile, we eventually got wind that it would be arriving for all Android devices on July 25th back at the beginning of July. Even though it is a few days late and with one of the harder titles of a game to spell correctly, Rymdkapsel has finally arrived for all to enjoy.

Developed by Grapefrukt Games, Rymdkapsel is an interesting mix of city building and tower defense all rolled into one challenging RTS title. As you may have already seen elsewhere on this site, there already is discussion about how challenging this game can get the further on you get into the wave of enemies. Players will be building and expanding their base while holding off waves of enemies intent on taking your nice and shiny base from you.

Don’t be put off by the neat retro geometric style graphics either. This game focuses a lot on the gameplay and mechanics but the visuals suit the game perfectly as well. The game works on a sort of balance scale. The more you expand your base, the more enemies you attract. Here’s the catch though, you have to expand your base or you won’t survive future waves of enemies.

If you’re looking for something a little different to sink your time into, and very challenging further into the game, then you might want to check out Rymdkapsel. You can now download this game off of Google Play for $3.99 and even though this isn’t an official review of Rymdkapsel yet, it is worth every penny.

Google Play Link: Rymdkapsel

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