The creators of Space Quest working on a new game called SpaceVentures for Android, Kickstarter project under way

First it was Shadowrun Returns and Leisure Suit Larry HD, two classic games being remade for modern times and both of which are heading to Android. Now we have another game that has a new Kickstarter project and this time it is from the developers of the classic Space Quest adventure game.

This new game, however, will not be a remake of Space Quest but instead will be a whole new game called SpaceVenture. The creators of Space Quest, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, aka ‘The Two Guys from Andromeda’, are back together to work on this new adventure game. While there is a team working on SpaceVenture, both Mark and Scott have final say on what goes into the game and everything else about it.

The Kickstarter project for SpaceVenture has a goal of $500,000 and is currently sitting at just over $104,000 with 33 days left to go. There should be no problem reaching the initial goal and probably some stretch goals as well considering who is developing this game. The Kickstarter project is also a bit different then the usual ones you find. While you do get free stuff and goodies for funding, every time the Kickstarter project gains $100,000 in funding, a new demo build of SpaceVenture will be released for people who have funded the game.

SpaceVenture already has a rather large list of voice actors on board. These include the voices of GlaDoS (Ellen McLain), Pinky from Pinky and the Brain (Rob Paulsen), Jim Raynor from StarCraft (Robert Clotworthy), the sniper from TF2 (John Lowrie). Also Gary Owens, the narrator of Space Quest 4 and 6 and the original voice of Space Ghost is a part of the project.

There isn’t a whole lot of detail right now about the game aside from the fact it will be another adventure game. You can safely assume though that it will be as whacky and probably more demented than the Space Quest games. It does sound like it will be a part of the Space Quest universe though. To get in on the action, just head over to the official Kickstarter page, the rewards are pretty awesome. When it launches it will be available only for Android tablets.

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