The Devil’s Cove point-and-click adventure game appears on Kickstarter

A new point-and-click adventure game has arrived onto Kickstarter today looking for funding from gamers who enjoy this genre of games. Developed by Anarchy Enterprises, Devil’s Cove takes place in a harbor town of the same name where a series of gruesome crimes have happened by the enemy known as the Plague Doctor. The police in the town seem to suddenly be on the side of the Plague Doctor, silencing anyone who have gotten involved in trying to stop what’s happening in Devil’s Cove.

Some of you may already know who Anarchy Enterprises is but for those of you unfamiliar with the company, they have actually been around for some time with roughly 25 independent releases under their belt. Some titles you may have heard of include Age of Castles, Deep Sea Tycoon and Redrum. Devil’s Cove will be their newest release for multiple platforms including PC, iOS, and Android (both phones and tablets). Everyone who helps fund the game will also be a part of the development process, gaining early access to the beta and eventually helping to shape the final product.

One neat thing that Anarchy Enterprises did with their Kickstarter campaign was launch it specifically today for a good reason. To keep with the whole evil horror theme of the game, the campaign starts today and ends on Halloween. The visuals in Devil’s Cove look to be a blend of hand-drawn and painted graphics which are teamed up with 3D visuals as well. If you are up for dropping a couple of bucks to help get Devil’s Cove funded, just hit up the link below and head over to their Kickstarter page. You can check out their pitch video above.

Website Referenced: Devil’s Cove Kickstarter

Developer Website: Anarchy Enterprises

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